Living with endometriosis can make you feel depressed or sad. 

Endometriosis is a disease that people cannot see on the outside. It can be hard to live with a disease that other people cannot see. If you have endometriosis it can make you feel lonely.

Endometriosis can feel difficult or embarrassing to talk to people about. 

If you have endometriosis you might not be able to see friends or go to work like you normally would. This can make you feel lonely or upset.

If you are in pain or if you have a heavy period it can be hard to sleep. Sleep is very important for mental health. If you are not sleeping very well this can make you feel worse. 

Mental health

Mental health is about our emotions, feelings and thoughts

Sometimes the medicine that you have to take to help with the symptoms of endometriosis can change your mood or make it hard to sleep. 

Make sure you tell your doctor about all your symptoms and worries. If you have lots of worries it can make your life hard. Your doctor should be able to talk to you about things that can help you feel better.

Support groups can also help because you can talk to other people who have endometriosis. Talking to other people about your worries can help you feel better. 

Support groups

Groups of people who help each other

We have another easy read page about endometriosis support groups.