Take your Endometriosis Cymru Symptom Reporting Tool results with you when you visit your doctor. To create a report to share with your doctor go to the ‘Report’ page of the app.

TBC Next, you can download a PDF of your report that can be emailed or printed, by click on…. 

The report summarises information that will be helpful for you and your doctor to decide on care for you. The more you use the tracker, the more detailed picture your GP or other healthcare professional will have of your symptoms and their impact.  

You may want to share this information with your GP before your appointment. You should contact your surgery to find out the best way to do this. 

Your doctor may have recommended that you use the tool, in which case, please follow your doctor’s advice. 

If you found the tool on your own and would like to share the results with your doctor, we have included some suggestions below for how you might introduce the tool: 

  • “I am experiencing {your symptoms} and they are having a significant negative impact on my life” 
  • “I have been using a tool to record my symptoms over time. This tool was developed by created by a team of researchers at Cardiff University, patients, and healthcare professionals, and is endorsed by NHS Wales and Welsh Government” 
  • “The tool collects information about the NICE guideline symptoms of endometriosis over 2 months, can I share the summary report with you? I understand that the tool cannot give me a diagnosis, but I am wondering if we can investigate these symptoms together?” 
  • “There is a website at the bottom of the report if you would like to learn more about the tool” 

You may also find it helpful to read the information that we have put together for healthcare professionals about the Endometriosis Cymru Symptom Reporting Tool. You can find that there: (LINK).