Some people may worry about the harms that symptom reporting (or monitoring) could cause. For example, some people find using a symptom reporting tool to be a burden due to the effort or daily reminder of symptoms. However, most people think the burden is offset by the benefits.  Some people also worry they might discover they have a serious illness.  

It’s important to note that the Endometriosis Cymru Symptom Reporting Tool is not a diagnostic tool. This means it cannot show whether you have an underlying medical problem or not. If you are worried about your symptoms or suspect you have an underlying medical problem, then you should speak to your doctor.  

Sharing and discussing the symptom report produced with the Endometriosis Cymru Symptom Reporting Tool will help you communicate your symptoms and their impact to your doctor and enable the doctor to better understand your symptoms and their pattern. This will help you and your doctor to decide what should be the next steps in your care.  

If you would like to learn more about how your responses in the Endometriosis Symptom Report Tool are kept secure, please visit the terms and conditions page.