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What? By Eliza Wolfson

May 4, 2021

With endometriosis, cells are found where they shouldn’t be, and it’s common for people to be misdiagnosed.

Where? by Tamsin Walker

April 21, 2021

Although it’s true that many women with endometriosis suffer bad periods, there’s a common misconception that that’s all endometriosis is.

One in Ten

January 13, 2021

1 in 10 women in Wales are living with endometriosis.


October 23, 2020

You can’t tell someone has endometriosis by looking at them. How does it feel to live with an invisible disease?

When? by Elizabeth Querstret

October 5, 2020

Endometriosis affects about one in ten women. In Wales alone that could mean as many as 160,000 people living with this invisible disease.

Julia – Social animals

September 28, 2020

When I linked up with those on Facebook, my outlook changed a lot because I realised that I wasn’t on my own.